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Development history of webbing looms in China

2017-09-29 09:14:53 DURA ribbon machinery Read

Webbing is made from a variety of yarns made from narrow or tubular fabrics. With a wide range of fabrics, widely used in clothing, industry, agriculture, military supplies, transportation and other industries. In 30s, the ribbon is manual production, raw materials for cotton, linen. The new Chinese after the founding of the country to vigorously develop the textile industry, weaving machine was updated, the progressive development of materials used ribbon to nylon, vinylon, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, rayon, woven, knitting, knitting and gradually formed three kinds of technology.

The first is a woven ribbon (woven) process and yarn interlacing, and twisted yarn warping (Pan) made of cheese, roll into weft pirns, webbing loom. In 30s the stitch also used hand loom and ribbon loom iron wood. By the beginning of 60s, at that time, professional and technical personnel converted 1511 looms into a ribbon loom. China had its own webbing machine, and this kind of webbing loom was still widely used until now.

In 1967, the research team with shuttleless weaving industries to workers as the main body, successfully designed and manufactured a single high-speed loom, the ribbon Buyong shuttle, and shorten the process, small occupation area, labor productivity, is a pioneering work in the history of Chinese ribbon craft.

Entered in 70s, due to the promotion of the tape continuous dyeing ironing machine, colored tape processing, the traditional process by the first fabric after dyeing, the development of the first, after weaving dyeing, weaving after the first bleaching, ironing postprocessing continuous, ribbon technology into the ranks of the mechanization production. At the beginning of 80s, Italy, Switzerland, German high-speed non-woven machine industry introduction, ironing machine, bag winding machine, warping machine, weaving technology into a new stage of development.

Ribbon technology advances, bringing the upgrading of products. In 1979, the first generation of SD9 - 9 type rubber ingot belt was successfully produced in China, which led to the end of imported rubber belt products. In 1980, SD - 81A and B - type rubber spindles were developed, with the characteristics of soft, light, thin, compact, small elongation, small impact, short and smooth joints. At the beginning of 1990, the automobile safety belt for Santana car was successfully produced. After more than two years to carry out research, trial organization, the quality of the products reached QC4992 and tl-vw470 standard.

Today, although the ribbon machinery equipment is very sophisticated, weaving process is already skilled, but the development of ribbon loom innovation will continue.

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