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Analysis of ribbon machinery industry development

2017-09-29 09:14:27 DURA ribbon machinery Read

In recent years, ribbon product development speed, the market of the new product cycle, accelerate the pace of market shrinking, and improve the requirements for the ribbon industry Ribbon enterprises downstream continuously, requirements of ribbon industry differentiation, functional products continue to increase market share, make the ribbon industry more competitive. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Yuefeng machinery factory to quality ribbon weaving industries, manufacturing high quality, high efficient YF-955 automatic high-speed looms, high speed weaving machine, YF- computer jacquard machine, YF- high speed zipper weaving machine, YF- automatic control of warp machine, YF2-110 tape bag machine etc..

"Ribbon" accessories industry is eight of the last century, in 90s from Taiwan, Hongkong production enterprises, in the reform and opening up policy of the mainland to open plants gradually understood, but with the rapid rise of domestic production enterprises, the ribbon industry is also growing. As the ribbon is a subsidiary of products, less profits, and peer enterprises continue to join, raw material prices and so on, leading to more and more fierce competition. In this case, the ribbon industry continue to increase product variety, and innovation in materials, technology, color, graphic, three-dimensional modeling, three-dimensional plane combination of the 6 elements, to meet the various needs of customers." We have PP ribbon, elastic belt, nylon ribbon, snow yarn, knitted belt and so on many types of ribbon, and now in addition, round rope, strip, strip products and so on.

The expansion of product categories brought opportunities to the ribbon machinery enterprises, and always adhere to the quality first, but also our ribbon machinery factory has won a large number of long-term customer cooperation chips. We mainly do the domestic market, due to fierce competition in the industry to expand the ribbon, more market, our enterprises also actively expand our export market, so we chose the modern society the most efficient and effective network as a marketing channel, so I plant a firm footing in the ribbon machinery industry.

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