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Ribbon weaving workshop 5S implementation standards

2017-09-29 09:14:07 DURA ribbon machinery Read

In order to improve the weaving workshop 5S system, our company is the development of 5S standards for unified management of the workshop, the workshop staff shall be performed in accordance with the following requirements of hundred-percent, workshop managers also mentioned at any time according to the following content strictly inspection and supervision of their own work area is in accordance with the following requirements:

1, must be placed on the ground and embryo with cardboard, embryo take place no objects, ensure the embryo with no pollution, restricted with height, number of embryos placed according to the requirements, neatly placed on the specified area, timely send to the hanging chain semi-finished zone.

2, all items must be accurate, complete, and keep it neat and tidy, different types of articles placed separately, to prevent misuse by mistake.

3, according to the requirements of the ribbon loom equipment maintenance, earnestly and carefully according to ribbon loom equipment checklist, the content of the machine equipment for spot check, and seriously fill in the relevant forms.

4, keep the equipment clean and free of pollution, weaving machine equipment, and the surrounding debris or spare parts, no scribble Luantie chaotic hanging equipment, protective cover, rotating parts preserved.

5, all kinds of material goods up to a standby shift amount, and shall not be placed directly on the ground, should be good to protect the pad paper, paper tube and air traffic control and other things for the timely collection to keep equipment clean around.

6, the ribbon is in the pan head must remove its packaging, and the packaging bag neatly placed on the specified position, change the head back in time to the warping, and tidy, hanging chain clean and no oil or other related items.

7. All kinds of accessories should be positioned and arranged neatly (such as the warp is placed under the ribbon loom, the spare warp of all the equipment should be placed in the same place under the equipment), and shall be marked.

8, garbage classification should be clear, can be divided into plastic, life, waste yarn, accessories and so on, all kinds of garbage classification clearly, must not be mixed phenomenon, garbage bin must be positioned and keep the surrounding clean and tidy.

9. Fill in all forms on time according to the requirements (such as attendance sheet, production schedule, etc.), keep the items neat and tidy, and timely erase or update expired information.

10. Place personal belongings neatly, neatly and neatly

11, after the use of various tools should be placed in place in time, and its cleaning, maintenance, keep it clean and tidy, the channel remained unimpeded.

12, regular idle goods in the workshop to clean up, the production site may not have nothing to do with the production or time, origin, purpose, whereabouts and other unknown items.

13, keep the ground clean and free of debris, the wall periodically clean the spider web, pull no power line, no scribble Luantie chaotic hanging window behavior, regular cleaning, clean and no pollution.

14, all the staff work must clean clothes, dress decent, do not wear slippers, shorts and vest in the workshop.

15, work hours seriously and responsible, do not chat, play cell phones, listen to music and so on, do nothing to do with the work.

16, keep in good mental state, not late, leave early, comply with all rules and regulations of the company.

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