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When the bronzing machine is used, how is the temperature adjusted?

2017-09-29 09:17:05 DURA ribbon machinery Read

Stamping machine using temperature regulation:

(1) if the bronzing effect is good, only is to have a proper, good thermal stability of gold, also need to cooperate with hot models, such as flat and rolling type has different effect, with elements of temperature, pressure and should stay hot pressing time.

(2) temperature - the most suitable temperature in gilding operation is the standard of minimum and able to print out the clear texture. Flat hot stamping machine version of heating temperature is about 110, rolling hot stamping machine is 140 DEG ~150 DEG, the most suitable temperature, is necessary to find out the way to test, the temperature is too high, will make bad lines and obscure gilt paper.

(3) the degree of pressure stress depends on the soft hardness of the material and the texture of the surface. A material with a smooth surface or a soft material that may be light, rough or hard, and subject to heavier pressure. The flat press machine is the synchronous ironing and pressing of the whole fan. The starting point of the air throat machine is the line pressure and then the flat press, and the rolling machine is similar to the linear pressure of the offset machine.

(4) stop taking the shortest time pressure and hot stamping out good effect in mind, time is too long, gold and is used for paper products damaged, flash will become the color of foil foil.

(5) and hot stamping pattern with the printing pattern set is accurate, when using a roller tipping machine or large sized, there is a need for the bronzing negative Philippines Lin Xian down to 99.8% to 99.7%, to arrange the electric version, so that the electric version of the version by thermal expansion high fever. It turned out that the scratch draw coupons can also be made by gilding.

(6) the price of gilding depends on what kind of gold foil, whether there is any waste of gold foil, the degree of sealing, typesetting, quantity, size and so on, so there is no standard calculation method to unify the quotation.

Matters needing attention:

1., small bronzing machine must be based on the different varieties of hot material, choose the appropriate foil stamping. When stamping, you must master the temperature, pressure, stamping speed of the three sides of the match, and according to the stamping materials, hot stamping area of different and different.

2., cutting should grasp the speed and direction of a good car knife.

3. anodized aluminum foil should choose properties suitable for paper, printing ink (especially black ink), kerosene, composite glue, hot stamping parts must be kept dry, so as not to cause bronzing layer oxidation or damage.

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