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Three stages of ribbon loom development

2017-09-29 09:16:34 DURA ribbon machinery Read

To say ribbon, this is from ancient times. But when it comes to webbing looms, this is only with the development of society and economy in modern times. In ancient times, although weaving cloth is also the use of equipment, but the former instrument is relatively simple, woven cloth quality is rough, and the style is relatively simple, generally hand knitting. However, with the development of society and economy, looms have also developed rapidly.

From the initial weaving machine development to the current loom, a total of three stages of development: the first stage, entrepreneurial generation. The weaving machine in this period is mainly based on the traditional weft density + man-machine interface, belonging to the economic configuration; the second stage, the classic two generation. Compared with the first generation, the loom in this period had a further development, mainly in the automatic weft density + man-machine interface, belonging to the optimal allocation; the third stage, beyond the three generation. The loom of this period had a qualitative leap compared with the previous two. It mainly adopts automatic weft density + inductive touch screen mode, which belongs to super configuration. For example, manufacturers now use high-speed webbing machine.

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