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Rules for operation of jacquard machines

2017-09-29 09:15:56 DURA ribbon machinery Read

1., maintenance must press two red stop button at first, indicating that the machine is under maintenance.

2., strictly prohibit crossing the guardrail, up and down stairs, slow down, caution slip.

3. non plate bridge rods detachment, Longmen ground and put any frame and rolled, equipment and workers.

4. no tools shall be placed in order to prevent accidents due to dehydration or falling during operation.

5., when the maintenance needs and moving safety baffle, the end of the maintenance should be promptly restored to homing.

6. maintenance should be carried out after the boot, slow running above 2 latitude, to confirm the normal operation of the express, confirm the quality of cloth is normal, can leave the machine after the normal operation of equipment maintenance.

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