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Introduction of jacquard belt

2017-09-29 09:15:38 DURA ribbon machinery Read

The jacquard belt is one kind of clothing accessories, and also belongs to a kind of textile auxiliary material. The materials used are generally made of polyester yarn, nylon yarn, PP wire, PP material, polypropylene yarn, acrylic yarn, etc..

Jacquard belts are woven by computer jacquard webbing. First, the computer design, drawing, and then put the design into the computer jacquard ribbon machine program, after debugging began spinning. According to the weaving, jacquard belt is divided into the extraction and weft, is provided by the computer jacquard loom woven weft vertical direction; is woven into the transverse direction by the yarn warp jacquard belt. The pattern of the jacquard belt is relatively simple and relatively simple, while the pattern of the weft jacquard belt is large and exquisite, the color gradation is distinct, and the stereoscopic feeling is strong. The jacquard belt can also be divided into one side jacquard and double sided jacquard, while the single jacquard has only the front jacquard pattern, but the reverse one does not. Both sides of the jacquard are on the front and back, have jacquard patterns, this jacquard is more beautiful and fashionable, highlighting the designer's design concept.

Jacquard belt is stylish and trendy ribbon craft, stereoscopic exquisite, multi weave flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and animals and beautiful patterns. Brand patterns of jacquard, logo clearly visible, bright colors, very good grades, both to increase the added value of products, but also enhance brand image. Jacquard patterns are exquisite, feel soft, strong, durable wear, high color fastness, never deformation, is widely used in clothing, clothing, shoes and hats, high-end bags shoulder straps, belts, hanging belt, ritual ornaments and other industries.

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