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Classification and application of webbing loom

2017-09-29 09:15:13 DURA ribbon machinery Read

A webbing loom is a device for making strips or tubular fabrics from various yarns. The types of ribbon loom include woven tape machine, high-speed shuttleless loom, computer jacquard ribbon loom, knitting ribbon loom, knitting machine, computer trademark machine and so on.

High speed loom: is a new type of weaving loom, it can according to user requirements, the production of all kinds of elastic and non elastic belt. For example: lace, ribbon, bra belt and so on, and can be matched with the above all need to take classes, the installation of automatic feeding device such as glue, evacuation of the accessories, can also be converted into high speed jacquard weaving machine, expand one machine with multifunction. The utility model has the advantages of high speed, low noise, stable quality, high efficiency, long service life, etc..

Computer jacquard ribbon loom: is a computer through the flower printing control system, can weave more complex jacquard ribbon loom. Like English letters, Chinese characters, cartoon patterns and small patterns, the required patterns and tissues can be conveniently obtained, and the variety of the fabric is changeable, and the production efficiency is doubled. This machine is suitable for all kinds of elastic and non elastic jacquard narrow fabrics, mainly for decorative belt, clothing, straps on automobile and airplane safety belt, backpack, there are some other sports equipment, packaging industry and so on with required products.

Ribbon knitting machine: it is a kind of ribbon loom with knitting method. It is suitable for spandex, chemical fiber filament, low stretch yarn, acrylic fiber blended yarn, natural fiber yarn and other fibers. It can be used as a decorative belt for sportswear, such as cylindrical fabric and double-sided thread fabric, medical stretch bandage, jacquard stocking, no heel socks, bandage, small packing bag, etc..

Computer trademark machine: it is a branch of high-speed belt machine. It is in line with the structure, performance and principle of the electronic jacquard ribbon loom. Fabric produced is relatively narrow, but from the fabric structure, the computer trademark machine emphasis on weaving patterns.

All kinds of ribbon loom is to follow the needs of ribbon products to invent and create. Each kind of ribbon loom is specially used in some products production. Moreover, with the development of diversified products, the belt loom will be modified, and the weaving process of the belt loom will also be improved with the product style. With the steady development of the ribbon industry, the application of webbing looms towards the road of diversified development.

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